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Left: a Mar 2016 screenshot for a YouTube summary of the newly-published 10-volume print set of Hmolpedia (, then at the 4,050+ wiki page level. Right: in Aug 2020, Hmolpedia comprised 5,376 articles, which were migrated from the WikiFoundry platform and archived into this MediaWiki platform, in the form of a WikiSource 2020 version of Hmolpedia (Hmolpedia 2020). In Sep 2020,, at second MediaWiki site, was launched to be the newly-written working editable edition of Hmolpedia.

In wikis, Hmolpedia 2020 refers to []


In Sep 2020, site migration of the 5,376 articles of (Hmolpedia | Archive), from servers to A2Hosting servers, into this new MediaWiki platform, began to enact, to become a WikiSource version of the Aug 2020 edition of the articles of Hmolpedia.

In addition, a new second MediaWiki, via the URL (Hmolpedia | Active) was started to become the new "active" edition of Hmolpedia, with fresh articles, built via citation and partial or full incorporation of Hmolpedia 2020 articles (see Reddit: notice).

Article access

During the transition phase, the 5,376 articles of Hmolpedia 2020 can be accessed via the following methods:

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