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Left: a Mar 2016 screenshot for a YouTube summary of the newly-published 10-volume print set of Hmolpedia (, then at the 4,050+ wiki page level. Right: in Aug 2020, Hmolpedia comprised 5,376 articles, which were migrated from the WikiFoundry platform and archived into this MediaWiki platform, in the form of a WikiSource 2020 version of Hmolpedia (Hmolpedia 2020). In Sep 2020,, at second MediaWiki site, was launched to be the newly-written working editable edition of Hmolpedia.

In wikis, Hmolpedia 2020 refers to []


In Sep 2020, site migration of the 5,376 articles of, from servers to A2Hosting servers, into this new MediaWiki platform, began to enact, to become a WikiSource version of the Aug 2020 edition of the articles of Hmolpedia. In addition, a new second MediaWiki, via the URL was started to become the new "active" edition of Hmolpedia, with fresh articles, built via citation and partial or full incorporation of Hmolpedia 2020 articles (see Reddit: notice).

Article access

During the transition phase, the 5,376 articles of Hmolpedia 2020, namely the WikiFoundry version of, can still be accessed online, at least until early 2021 (when is scheduled to close) via the following subdomain:

Alternatively, the following options to access articles are available:

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