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Left: a Mar 2016 screenshot for a YouTube summary of the newly-published 10-volume print set of Hmolpedia (, then at the 4,050+ wiki page level. Right: in Aug 2020, Hmolpedia comprised 5,376 articles, which were migrated from the WikiFoundry platform and archived into this MediaWiki platform, in the form of a WikiSource 2020 version of Hmolpedia (Hmolpedia 2020). In Sep 2020,, at second MediaWiki site, was launched to be the newly-written working editable edition of Hmolpedia.

In wikis, Hmolpedia 2020 refers to the Aug 2020 edition of Hmolpedia, written over a 12.7-year period, starting in Dec 2007 at wiki platform turned 2013 wiki platform, culminating in 5,376 online articles, which have been archived into this MediaWiki site, in the form of 5,376 basic HTML webpages, to be employed as references. The new edition of Hmolpedia is found at the new URL


Note one, all of the 5,376 articles are accessible, on the URL, with the exception that previously titled lower-case articles, presently, yield 404 error, but if the first letter is changed to a capital letter (e.g. c to C), then they become viewable. (404 error) (viewable)

This is a file redirect issue that is being worked on presently (16 Nov 2020).

Note two, the "search box" of this wiki, upper right hand corner, is only connected to a handful of recently made wiki articles (see: all pages), which are stored in the ~/wiki/ folder. The 5,376 archived articles, conversely, are stored in a ~/page/ folder, and are NOT searchable via use of the search box of this wiki. They only way, presently, to search the archived 5,376-articles, is to keyword search the 14,683-page pdf. [1]

Article access

During the transition phase, the 5,376 articles of Hmolpedia 2020 can be accessed via the following methods:

In addition, the full 14,683-page pdf of Hmolpedia 2020 is available. [1]


1. Hmolpedia 2020 (one 14,683-page pdf) –

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