In atheism, dumb atheism, as compared to smart atheism, refers to modern popular brands of atheism (see: atheism types by denial and belief) that are intellectually slow, backwards, error ridden, incorrect, not in alignment with reality, conjecturally inept, boastful of false working models of universal operation, and or generally lacking in discernment and erudition. [N1] Dumb atheism, to note is a grade above theism (which, by definition, is dumb [per post Rosetta stone (1799) standards]) — brands of which are listed in creationism scientists ranked by idiocy, which if professed publicly, is a belief now held by fewer than 6% of scientifically literate intellectuals (see: belief in the existence of god by scientists) — but, nevertheless, a variety of professed creed (see: atheist's creed) lacking in discernment.

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The following is a work-in-progress ordered ranking of "dumb" brands of atheism:

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1.William Provine 75William Provine
“Let me summarize my views on what modern evolutionary biology tells us loud and clear — and these are basically Darwin's views. There are no gods, no purposes, no goal-directed forces of any kind. There is no life after death. When I die, I am absolutely certain that I am going to be dead. That's the end for me. There is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life, and no free will for humans, either.”
William Provine (1994), “Darwinism Science or Naturalistic Philosophy?
2.Jeffrey Dahmer 75Jeffrey Dahmer
This atheism, a tested out brand of Dostoyevskian atheism, so to say, is the belief that in a universe without god there are No rules. The following is a dumbness example:

“If it all happens naturalistically? What’s the need for god? Can’t I set my own rules? Who owns me? I own myself!”
Jeffrey Dahmer (c.1993), variant of atheism belief he tried (see: killing spree paradox); as told to his father (Ѻ)

Dahmer, in short, tested out the Dostoyevsky conjecture: “If god does not exist, everything is permissible.” (Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1880); finding, accordingly, that all “things” are not permissible, and that there are "rules" to godless nature.

Ranked #6 of the 2010 “Ten People Who Gave Atheism a Bad Name”. (Ѻ)
3.Richard Dawkins 75Richard Dawkins
English zoologist
The following is dumbness example:

“In a universe of electrons and selfish genes [A], blind physical forces [B] and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky [C], and you won’t find any rhyme or reason [D] in it, nor any justice [E]. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design [F], no purpose [G], no evil [H] no good [I], nothing but pitiless indifference.”
— Richard Dawkins (1995), River Out of Eden

A. Genes are selfish [self- is code for perpetual motion].
B. Forces aren’t blind (Bejan, 2012).
C. Luck doesn’t exist [nature is determined]
D. See: Adams creed.
E. See: Goethe on the juridical procedures of god (Friedrich Gundolf, 1916)
F. See: atheist Adrian Bejan’s Design in Nature (2012).
G. See: chemical peneplanation (Bray, 1934) and Bruce Lindsay (1983).
H. The problem of evil was solved by coupling theory (Thims, 2011).
I. Good and evil are terminologically reformed as “natural” and “unnatural”, which do exist, thermodynamically speaking.
4.Jean-Paul Sartre 75Jean-Paul Sartre
His existentialism brand of anti-materialism atheism is replete with errors.
5.Albert Camus 75Albert Camus
His oft-touted "Sisyphean purpose" model (see: Camus model) (1942), adhered to by some, e.g. Randall Schweller (2014), is incorrect (compare: Gates model).
6.Steven Weinberg 75Steven Weinberg
His 1977 "pointlessness universe" atheism conjecture is replete with errors.
7.Alexander Rosenberg 75Alexander Rosenberg
His 2011 “when in doubt, take SSRIs” atheism motto coupled with his "nice atheism" brand, based on "blind variation", "dumb luck", "random chance", "accident" themed, "mindless" process, "entropy = disorder" thermodynamics-conceptualized model of evolution, is akin to happy-go-lucky ignorance-loaded implicitly.
8.Peter Atkins 75Peter Atkins
His 1998 "purposeless universe" model has inherent theoretical issues; his entropy models of humans are mis-aligned.
9.Adolf Hitler 75Adolf Hitler
Supposedly added Darwin atheism + Nietzsche atheism to arrive at the view that in a godless universe, destroying all the weaker races was in alignment with "nature", according to survival of the fittest; resultantly killing some 8 million Jews between 1939 and 1945; see: Hitler atheism (see: atheism atrocity fallacy).
10. Joseph Stalin 75Joseph Stalin
Used the faulty logic of Marxist atheism to justify the implementation of a sociological theory that resulted in some 50 million "unnatural deaths" between 1924 and 1953; see: Stalin atheism (see: Stalin chicken abuse parable).

Ranked #1 of the 2010 “Ten People Who Gave Atheism a Bad Name”. (Ѻ)
12. Ayn Rand 75Ayn Rand
This brand of atheism, known as Randianism and or objectivism, while often adhered to by many intelligent people, e.g. many Mensa members, is misaligned with the systems view of nature (see: extreme atheism) and the bigger picture view of the universe.
13.Sam Harris 75Sam Harris
While his anti-religion arguments are highly intelligent and articulate; and his while his “moral landscapeutilitarianism ideas are readable; his end game sale of “spiritual atheism” stylized as some type of ecstasy-drug like meditative Buddhism, is an off-the-rails end show.

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N1. The labeling or category of “dumb atheism” was initiated in the 2015 drafting article “Zerotheism for Kids”, by Libb Thims, in preparation for the Zerotheism for Kids lecture, with the general mindset of teaching kids that there are brands of "dumb atheism", such as Dawkins and Dahmer, promoting false views of the workings of the universe.

The following are related quotes:

Nietzsche was no ordinary guy. He was a genius. In his ‘Parable of the Madman’, the idea was that if ‘god is dead’, we’re going to have to come up with definitions of what it means to be human, and what it means to be good, or wicked, and so on. The incredible breadth of understanding, one has to at least give him the credit that at least he knew the ramifications of what he had done. Modern day guys like Richard Dawkins, and the like, they are sort of playing at backyard stuff compared to the philosophical sophistication of a person like Nietzsche, who knew he had to evaluate what these things involve.”
Ravi Zacharias (2013), “The Incoherence of Atheism” (13:58-14:32) (Ѻ)

“Atheists weren’t always as intellectually lazy as Dawkins and his ilk.”
— Michael Robbins (2014), “Know Nothing: the True History of Atheism” [1]

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1. Robbins, Michael. (2014). “Know Nothing: the True History of Atheism” (Review of Nick Spencer’s The Origin of Species” (Ѻ),, Jul.

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● Thims, Libb. (2016). Smart Atheism: For Kids (pdf | 309-pgs). Publisher.

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