Mark Ciotola nsIn human thermodynamics, Mark Ciotola (c.1963-) is an American physical economist and professor of law noted for his postulate of fast entropy, or the eth law of thermodynamics, which argues that systems configure themselves to maximize their rate of entropy production. The following is a representative excerpt from his 2003 book Physical History of Economics: [1]

“Civilization and regimes are a natural consequence of the laws of physics applied to the expanding, darkening universe proceeding form the big bang.”

Ciotola seems to have been working on a way to derive social science from physics since circa 2000, having published work such as the 2006 “Thermodynamic Perspective on Profits”, and runs, a site devoted to the theory of fast entropy. Ciotola is also active in the second generation technocracy movement.

Ciotola completed his BA in economics in 1985 at the University of Wisconsin, his JD in 1988 at Franklin Pierce Law Center, his graduate certificate in applied science at the University of South Australia in 2004, and his BS in physics, with concentration in astronomy, in 2006 at San Francisco State University. [2]

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● Ciotola, Mark. (2009). “From Thermodynamics to Civilization to Economic Bubbles” (4-pgs),

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